Thursday, July 5, 2007

Who Stops me?!!

Who Stops me?!!

Mohammad Amin Wahidi Director Deedenow Cinema

Launch of Deedenow Website is another achievement.
Preview of Deedenow Cinema website

Now you can click or to read more than what we have in our bloggers:

Deedenow Cinema is in progress day by day. The recent achievement after “Treasure in the ruins” we have is our website which is now launched and you can read in it more than only about Deedenow.
Before launching the website Deedenow Cinema had two bloggers one in Dari and one in English (the present one) through which reflected most of its thoughts and activities. Preview of Deedenow Cinema Dari Blogger

We focus dramatic arts and the free media in our website; cinema, television, radio, printing press and the updates of women’s progress in these arenas in Afghanistan.

Amin Wahidi Director of Deedenow Cinema is strongly committed to do more for Deedenow Cinema and more than only Deedenow for the others interested in Afghan cinema and media and press.

In our website soon you will be able to read about: An introduction of Deedenow itself such as;

About us
Our Products
Our current projects
Ready to shoot screenplays
Contact us

The Updates from Deedenow: Contains the latest we have done or latest things being done in fields of media and cinema of Afghanistan.

Free Media Reports: Here we reflect all about the media and press activists such as reporters, journalists, show presenters, TV producers etc who work in Afghanistan.

Tele & Vision: Television makes a big part of our lives therefore I have to write about the programs, I have to write scripts for the programs of the others and I have to make my own shows for televisions I work with. This part of the website contains: My own shows, Skills for producing TV shows, Programming consultancy, Weekly critics on the TV programs (of Afghanistan), The best shows of the week and People’s opinions (in Afghanistan) on television channels.

Afghan Cinema: Contains history of cinema in Afghanistan, introduction of the Governmental Department of Afghan Films, a database of Afghan Films produced up to now, a database of Afghan Filmmakers and actors, introduction of Private Afghan Filmmaking productions and articles on Afghan Cinema written by different authors.

Cinema and Theatre Schools in Afghanistan: Links of and Information about Fine Arts Faculty Kabul University, Academy of Art and Cinematic Educations and Governmental Department of Afghan Films

Talks and Interviews: We Interview with Afghan Cinema Activists about their latest activities.

Film Critics: Deedenow Cinema, Academy of Art and Razi Film House have film screening events followed by a friendly film critics table every Friday in Academy of Art and cinematic Education and those film critics are being reflected in this part of the site.

Your articles: In this filed external articles are accepted from different writers on cinema, media and press of Afghanistan.

Our partner organizations and productions: You will see here which organizations have partnership with us.

Available human resource for external jobs: Contains a database of filmmakers, artists and film industry activists who are ready to fill a job or serve on contract.

The Hazaras of Afghanistan: This part contains history of their origin, culture, heroes and famous figures and much other information on Hazaras of Afghanistan.

Photo gallery: Contains photos from Deedenow activities and other interesting photos.

Corner of my heart: This is a place like the corner of heart for the Director of Deedenow cinema and contains Mohammad Amin Wahidi’s very personal writings on different subjects.

The ever lasting tunes: Contains information, interviews and biographies of Afghan musicians and singers.

External links: Here we provide you the most important and useful links of Afghan websites and blogs on different fields.

We wish all the readers will enjoy visiting and assist as with their comments, opinions and or critics they have on the articles and issues raised in our website. we congratulate our website to all the people interested in Afghan media and Cinema.

Wish you all success and prosperity.

Mohammad Amin Wahidi,
Director of Deedenow Cinema