Friday, November 21, 2008

Let’s know and introduce the traitors

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Afghanistan LongTongue on the way

Voice of Criticism
Another blog to reflect the Afghan intellectuals’ writings in English

Now my next blog is ready to reflect the writings, opinions and discussions of the accredited Afghan writers, researchers and intellectuals in English for the people of world interested in and concerned about Afghanistan.

In this page we reflect the writings and criticisms of the Afghan as well as foreigner intellectuals, writers and bloggers on issues such as Politics - Governance - Civil Society - Human Rights & Freedom of Expression in Afghanistan.

The main goal of this blog is to create a space for dialogue and sharing writings, opinions and criticisms for a positive purpose and that is bringing changes and making better the functioning of the government body, the rule of law and to promote the civil society in the country.

As we work for a better Afghanistan, we believe that the positive criticism is always a maker and thus we share with you in this page mainly the writings and opinions of the writers, bloggers and researchers who are known to be Afghanistan Long Tongue Writers* in this way every one can judge the progress of process of young democracy in war effected Afghanistan.

Following the motto, “We are also to bring changes in our country”, and by the help of the writers and intellectuals through this blog we are to see how we can bring changes in the strategy of the International Community in the tiresome and long lasting war in Afghanistan by lobbying the decision makers through providing pure and real information and consultations through real eyes based on the existing realities of the country.

While inviting and welcoming the Afghan writers, researchers and intellectuals for sending their writings for translation and posting in this blog, we would accept and appreciate writings about Afghanistan in English by the foreign writers and researchers who believe in changes in Afghanistan.

Give us hands of support and be the first ones to send your Dari writings to be translated in a standard quality or send your original English writings to us to be posted in this blog.

* Long Tongue (zaban daraz in Dari) is a Dari Persian phrase for the person who has a critical language.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will Karim Khoram support this project?!

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Hopeful for a better tomorrow

A kid with a book under a lantern in the dark
There could be only one thing for this little girl that gives her energy and enthusiasm to work and study hard; that is the hope for a better tomorrow.

Perhaps she has understood that she has to be educated if her dreams has to be realized.
May be her father or forefathers have told her that she has get education to be able to lighten her dark nights which is because of unjust treatment the officials of her time.

Or may be, her eyes are full of hopes because she sees something with here childish sincere innocence that we are not able to see, thus she grows hopes and optimism in her mind and heart that tomorrow definitely would be a better day therefore she doesn’t sleep until late in the dark under a lantern light and study and work hard.
That is what we have to learn from her.

An image from new Afghanistan
The image you see above is taken by a young Afghan photographer Reza Sahel.
This image is in competition for the final round of an international photo contest with 99 other photos among 3000 selected ones from all over the world.

Within the photo
Seeing effort of the little Afghan kid, working hard studying in a dark night, while hoping to begin a better morning in the next day, hopes blossom in the hearts for a better future with a better country.

The photographer
By his photo, while praising the efforts, enthusiasm and hopes of the new generation for a better and brighter tomorrow the photographer, puts in light the discrimination and unequal treatments administered by the senior officials of the Afghan government with the citizens of the country especially in the central highlands of Afghanistan where the Hazaras live and least amount of reconstruction has taken place in the recent years since 2002.

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