Sunday, February 11, 2007

Know us better !

We are to develop our cinema and you are to be helped in your film projects in Afghanistan!

Deed-e- now cinema is a registered production that is founded by the young Afghan Filmmakers and cinematic activists here in Kabul Afghanistan. We provide you consultancy and advice for your film projects in Afghanistan.

The goals we have to achieve are:

· Conducting researches about Cinema, especially The Afghan Cinema and filmmakers.
· Producing fiction and documentary films in Afghanistan and the region.
· Working for development of Cinema in Afghanistan.
· Working for development of women filmmakers in Afghanistan.
· Working for promoting the family movie going in Afghanistan.
· Playing the role of a bridge between Afghan Filmmakers and foreign filmmakers.

Products and services:

Writing and adapting scenarios (mostly Afghanistan related stories) including film story plots and full screenplays (mostly for festival based films)

Coordination of filmmaking equipments and filming locations for foreign film projects in Afghanistan.

Providing advice and consultancy for the foreign filmmakers who want to have film projects in Afghanistan.

Sketching story boards for films by professional designers and illustrators

Contact persons:

Mohammad .Amin Wahidi

Director of Deed-e-now Cinema (production) ® Kabul Afghanistan

Dari weblog:
Mobile: (0093) 70221352 - (0093) 777302005)

Contact us for your film projects in Afghanistan and support us for the promotion of Afghan Cinema.

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