Friday, November 30, 2007

Just a few words of appreciation to all the readers of my blog

I would like to give my appreciation to all readers who have read my blog and sent me sympathetic emails these days.

I didn't know at all that my story would be published in a very popular website, and people will read what I write.

Since I have received many emails and some comments, thanks for your offer of support and your concern, sympathy and interest about a young Afghan filmmaker. It encourages me to be stronger standing against difficulties of life and still be committed to my goals to achieve freedom of expression and democracy in my country.

I believe each of your emails and comments supports freedom of expression in Afghanistan.

Among hundreds of emails I received, the main question was what I am going to do now when I decided to be in Italy and my answer for this question is;

It is very difficult though to be far from home, family, friends, colleagues and my ordinary life but I have no way. I must have all friends, family members, colleagues and the people of my country in my heart, even if I am physically far from Afghanistan.

I can feel my dear Afghanistan with my sense and my spirit, even though I am in Italy, I will do my best to work for freedom of expression in my country because I don't want to waste but utilize the talent and energy that I have by bringing positive changes in the world.

As you know it is my dream to be able to return home when there is a free space and safety for me and I hope it comes true soon. I will return with hands full of knowledge and experience of my stay here, to be able to play major roles for democracy and freedom of expression in my homeland. Therefore I will explore, study, and make films, if I can, as long as I am here.

My immediate plans are to make "The Keys to Paradise" as soon as I can. I also want to tell my own story, and the problems I faced recently. I hope to have the facilities and equipment, and that there will be producers interested in helping to make these stories.

Keep reading my blog, because as long as I breathe and am alive I will be working and reflecting on my work and activities in my blog.

Be ever green and successful!

See the article in Il Corierre.

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  1. Salaam Mohammad Amin Wahidi,
    I saw your short film. Thats great work.
    And im goin trough your this blog. Realy, you are doing great job.
    I want to discuss with you about your short film.
    waiting for your reply

    Khuda Hafiz.
    Mohammad Mehdi


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