Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A note about subscribing to my blog

Dear all readers of my blog,

Thank you all for reading my blog, leaving your comments and sending me emails. I see many of you are still interested in reading my blog on a frequent basis to know what a young Afghan filmmaker is going to do and what is happening in the field of media, press, and cinema in Afghanistan. Therefore I want to encourage you to subscribe to my blog which makes it easy for you to read an article as soon as it is posted.

What happens after you subscribe in my blog?

Automatically, you will be e-mailed a copy of the post. If I do not post you will not receive an e-mail. As long as I am out of my country, still my purpose is to work for freedom of expression and speech in my country so that interested readers like you from around the world will be able to get a copy of each new post to hear updates of my activity and what is happening in the arena of free media and freedom of expression in my homeland Afghanistan.

How to subscribe:

1- First type your e-mail address in the blank box that you see on the right side of the blog below the profile of the writer and click the "subscribe" button below it.

2- Then another window opens and you see another blank and some letters appear. Type the letters in the blank and click the "complete" button. Complete the subscription request and then when the next window comes close it.

3- Soon after you subscribed here, you will automatically receive an e-mail regarding activating your subscription request and you are given a link to click, just click the link and your subscription is completed, that is it! Your e-mail address is never shared with anyone.

Thank you very much for the subscription to my blog and be evergreen.

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