Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shakira or Sayaaf?

Shakira sings and dances to save humanity, Afghan Warlords ban and condemn her to fight humanity.

Hussain Zahedi wrote an interestnig post in Dari and I want to write one in English to emphasize his points.

Here we see two images in contrast and what a nice comparison.
We see the apparent differences between an artist and an extremist warlord.

Clearly we see how an artist defines humanity and how an extremist warlord defines it.

This is how these two are distinguished.

Shakira sings and dances to help the poor children of Latin America instead Sayaf and Hekmatyar kill the Afghan children and make wealth and power for themselves, out of their blood. They kill the people to build fine houses and to buy luxury cars for themselves and Shakira dances and sings to earn for the poor people of not her country by the continent she lives and even of further continents.

In Afghanistan people sell a family member to save the rest from hunger and high costs of food, while the warlords expand their drug business, media business and bank accounts day by day.

The warlords does not only mean the northern allies or the Taliban but who ever have had hand in killing and looting of the innocent people of Afghanistan in three decades of wars.
Especially the extremists who are brained washed across borders and come in the country with

Shakira dances and expresses her feelings through her art and then to fight with poverty, but these extremists relies on the religious appearances like growing beards, holding prayer beds, wearing religious scholarly clothes to hide their misbehavior under them and then eat the morsels of people and violate their people easily by the name of religion.
Did any one of them spend a penny out of their wealth for the people yet?

Warlords and extremists grow their wealth, increase the poverty, promote bribery, violate the rights of thousands of orphans and widows and cause all social disasters in the society and then issue different kinds of religious fatwas against the people.

For these fundamentalist Jihad means war, killing and destruction using the name of religion and people’s sensation while any positive work to do for the creatures of God to make God happy could be a Jihad.

And then Shoraye Ulama(the religious scholars’ council) and the Ministry of Information and Culture instead of thinking about the people, about the humanity and about the day by day expansion of poverty in the society and corruption in the government offices, condemns Shakira and bans her concerts on televisions in Afghanistan.

Let’s think with our humanitarian sense and conscience, which one does better for humanity and for the well of society; Shakira as an artist or Sayaf as an extremist and warlord who condemns Shakira?

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