Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh!! Don't watch television! Otherwise you would be killed!

This latest message was delivered by the Taliban in some villages of Logar Province in the central zone, southeast of Kabul on Monday night after the evening prayers in a mosque.

Based on evidences by eye witnessed people who have talked to media in this regard, about some fifty armed Taliban with covered faces came to the mosque and have announced this message to the people of Porak Village of center of Logar after evening prayers.

The armed Taliban have warned the people, if they watch television they will be shot, because the programs on these channels are non-Islamic and unacceptable for them.

They have also said, if they see any TV antinas on the roof of houses they will punish the owners of those houses.

This message is brought to people while a few months ago, the Taliban threatened mobile companies to stop their operations during the night and had specified a time limit, when they can operate, and after some of the mobile companies did not take it serious, their towers were attacked and destroyed in some provinces.

This time while Ministry of Information and Culture of Afghanistan has condemned this action of the Taliban but indeed it would be better if this ministry would not give a hand to Shoraye- Ulama and Hezb e Islami (of Hekmatyar) for anti culture and anti- democracy decisions against the free media in Afghanistan.

A couple of days ago, there was a gathering of some Jihadi groups and some representatives of southern provinces in Kabul to talk, review and then facilitate the negotiations of the Afghan government with Hekmatyar (Hezb e Islami leader) and the Taliban to bring peace back in this country, while in practice none of these two group seem to match with the beliefs, thoughts, living styles, desires and demands of the modern urban Afghan society.

In the latest history while Afghanistan is in a move towards development, the needs to reach the latest information of the region and the world, demands access to media, press and other communication mediums and informative resources and the Afghan people need these mediums more than ever before while unfortunately they are being targeted and victimized sometimes by the government side and sometimes by the Taliban just for the primary rights of having access to information.

On the other hand, the military officials or diplomats of the countries like Canada or the UK who seem to have had some quiet talks and negotiations with the Taliban should know that the Taliban do not have any logics and are not reliable to be committed to any agreement, treaties or oaths with them, thus their talks with the Taliban would be just a waste of time and would cause loss of their reputation in Afghanistan.

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