Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The media and press family lost another member in Afghanistan!

Samad Ruhani left the family of media these days

Ajmal Naqshbandi did it last year, in the same province, Helmand

A journalist is killed, but many voices were suffocated and the eyes of many are blinded

The people who can not tolerate Samad, Ajaml or Zakia Zaki, are not the winner but the looser by killing them!

Because they are at their dead-end when their weapons are terror and killing.

From either side they are; whether from the government side or the Taliban, they have done cruelty by murdering a journalist.

For the murderers things still go on the same and even better than before when their cruelty is covered and there is no eye of media on what they do,

But for people, who need Samad, Ajmal, Zakia Zaki and others like them to reflect their voices to the others in the world, will suffer, lack and miss them.

Condemning the murder of Samad Ruhani BBC journalist by unknown group of people in Helmand Province, let’s present our condolences to his family and relatives and to the other journalists of country and ask the government of Afghanistan to find and trial the murderers of this young journalist.

Read the news item here: BBC Journalist killed in Helmand Province of Afghanistan

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