Wednesday, August 6, 2008

“Sto cercando lavoro’ I say these days.

A very personal story
Since I am notified recently that I am allowed to work to live independently, I repeat the same sentence with my broken Italian when I enter the job agencies in the city;
“ Buon giorno, singora/ signore, mi chiamo Amin e sto cercando lavoro, volevo chiederela se c’e un lavoro qui?”

Seeing my Italian the first question they ask is where I am from.
Usually I surprise them when I say “ sono Afghano” and then I see more curiosity in their interaction.
Perhaps they wonder what kind of Afghan I am without beards and a turban as they have known my people only with these specifications, or they would be more careful so I wouldn’t be dangerous person or so.

Some say okay and ask me if I have a curriculum vitae and I respond yes.
They have a look at my CV and surprisingly look at me and then nod their head;
“Mmmm, vediamo cosa possiamo fare, ci sentiamo fra pochi giorni”.
Although I know, some of the job agencies do not offer jobs for foreingers which is called “Stranieri” here but most of them ask to return in September when one month of summer holidays will be finished and I say; “ Va bene, ci sentiamo dopo, grazie arreviderci.”

And these days when I receive calls from unknown numbers first I assume it must be from one of the job agencies; therefore I answer with “Pronto?” instead of “Hello?” that I used before to show them that I speak Italian. Ha ha ha ha ha

These days some naughty or better to say funny friends, tease me, when calling from unknown numbers, they pretend to play the role of a job agency staff and ask me to come to work tomorrow, but soon I understand their voices and their accents then burst laughing on each other.

Because nowadays I have to practice my Italian more and more and I write you the last sentence in Italian which may be wrong;

"quando avrò qualcosa nuova, metterò qui per I lettori di questo blog, ci sentiamo dopo, ma sperò che sara una buona novita subito!"
I wish you forgive me if there are mistakes in my Italian.

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  1. Of course we will forgive you! Good luck, my dear Amin for your search. I'm sure you have all the necessary competences for any type of job.
    But, you know, here in Italy it's always so hard :(

    How are you? I hope fine... If you would like to write something (even a page) for Cittadino Globale (the new official Review of Yap Italy), give a look here (it is in italian, but we have a very strong team of interpreters ;)):

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, take care, best regards

    P.S. At the end I couldn't send any other photo about the conference in Bologna, because my photoshot does not work any more :(, ah cheap and old pcs :(



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