Sunday, November 9, 2008

Italy still in the racial discrimination

a commentary by Basir Ahang
Independent Afghan Journalist in Italy
Translated by Amin Wahidi
Mussolini Jr. can not tolerate the presence of a black leader in the While House
Silvio Berlusconi the Italian prime minister when attending in a press conference during his official visit to Moscow has attacked the personality of Barack Obama the elected president of the United States of America for being of black skin.
Regarding Obama, he said,” the new elected president of America is a young, handsome and bronze (tanned skin) president”.
Berlusconi who was supporting the republican candidate John McCain during his electoral campaign doesn’t think that Obama deserve the White House because of his complexion and racial background.

What Berlusconi has lately stated, shows his fanaticism prejudice with the people of black skin.
Although considering the history of Italy as the cradle of fascism, it is something sample and predictable to hear a discriminative statement from a senior Italian official but in the present time, it annihilate the claims of the Italian government for fighting against fascism and racism and this country will again be in the list of fascist countries in the world.
Even in the Italian constitution any kind of movements that distinguish ethnicities and complexions are considered discriminative attempts and are lead to legal prosecutions.
Soon after this news, most of the human rights organizations and the leftist parties in Italy objected to the discriminative statement of the prime minister and condemned it as a fascist statement.

Walter Veltroni, the leader of PD the main opposition party in Italy in a press conference has evaluated it as a non-diplomatic and discriminative statement which could offend the friendship of Italy and the United States of America.
Condemning this statement, Veltroni has asked Berlusconi apologize Obama for what he has stated in his Friday conference in Moscow. He added that Berlusconi’s statement is definitely not the Italian people’s comment on the new elected president of the United States but is his own irresponsible comment.
On the other hand, the Italian journalists in the American have tried to ask Obama’s opinion on this statement of the Italian Prime Minister but they were told that Obama is not interested to talk on it.
It is to say that after the end of the Word War Two and defeat of Mussolini the Italian fascist leader, this period was recognized as an ignominious time in the political history of Italy and thereafter many efforts have been made to eliminate the fascism in this country.
But nowadays after almost 65 years from then, not only fascism and discrimination is not eliminated in Italy but is still alive in this country and even senior government officials are following and applying it.
So we can say it is no more than empty acclaim when some of the western countries pretend to be defending the human rights, equality and democracy when we see such actions.
Although the victory of Obama in this election was the breakage of a taboo in this country and gave hopes to millions of human beings who didn’t have the equal rights in this country for years and years and were treated with as slaves and the second class citizens but on the other hand we still see that the presence of blacks are not yet accustomed and tolerable for some whites.
Although the harsh and abasing statement of the Italian prime minister has had vast objections after, but these objects are not trustable either; they are just political slogans too.
It is the time for all the liberal people in the world to stand against discrimination and prejudice and eliminate it from the world.
Here I am not to defend Obama but because I, my forefathers and other ethnic minority citizens of my country were all suffered fascism and discrimination for years and years and we can feel the catastrophe that fascism brings. And this prepares any liberal person to stand and fight against it as a Saadi the great Persian poet has said;
Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.

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