Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sweet Melody of Politics

It is worth to vote for a documentary done by a new talent female Hazara Filmmaker who tries to give a different identity for her gender.

Mona Haidari, a 21 year old, Hazara filmmaker who participated in Atelier Varan documentary workshops in Kabul has made this documentary.

The documentary is about a young woman, who first became a quite famous singer through a music competition show on TV who then runs for politics, in the land of contrasts, where the women are imprisoned in the cages of ignorance by men.

On this land, when a girl is born in a family it is considered mistreatment of the nature, and then, when a girl becomes an artist, she is considered to be against the culture.

To break this taboo against the women, it is helpful to encourage the young female filmmakers who try to depict the lives of those women taking parts in struggles for their rights and bringing changes to the lives of other women.

Voting this documentary would be an encouragement to the filmmaker to reflect more and more women’s voices in her future works.

The Sweet Melody of Politics from Women's Voices Now on Vimeo.

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