Monday, October 3, 2011

“Within the mists” Cast & Crew Premiere in Milan

“Within the mists” was premiered for the first time for cast & crew on Wednesday September 28 in Milan.


Smail Djennadi, Anna Castellazzi, Antonio Muscatella

Babacar Mbaye, Cesare Musi

Clarrissa Filippini, Emma de Nicola , Federico Lotteri,

Giuseppe Cillis, Roberta Frau

Sabrina Risi And

Behnaam Ahmadi


Scriptwriter & Director: Mohammad Amin Wahidi

Producers: Mohammad Amin Wahidi- Lorenzo Marco Masante

Director of Photography: Lorenzo Marco Masante

Casting & Assistant director: Laura Manconi

Production and location assistant: Emma de Nicola

Set and costume design: Paola Denisio

Make up: Antonietta Tanzi

Sound: Mattia Simone Giubilei - Mohammad Rahime

Music and sound effects: Antonio Cavadini

Editing: Lorenzo Marco Masante- Mohammad Amin Wahidi


A refugee writer/poet is trying to make relation with the city he has moved into but he fails. As a lonely man, he is a citizen of nowhere thus he tries to find a link between his present and past. He suffers solitude and tries to find a meaning for his life, could it be love, love of a human being. would he leave the city and its crazy people, could this be a concrete solution for him?

The first festival screening of “Within the mists” is October 8 2011 at The 10th International Exile Film Festival, in Gothenburg Sweden.

Participation, official selection, screenings and winnings in all other film festivals will be posted here on due time.

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