Monday, February 19, 2007

How an independent cinema forms

How an independent cinema forms

Since its birth in the late nineteenth century by The Lumiers, the cinema has gradually evolved in different shapes and forms.
By passing time, the cinema emerged to have the strongest and the most expensive essence; as a mixture of arts and technology.

Movies were first made to pass time and bring smiles and cheers to the people’s faces while they became the strongest mean to express one’s vision and feelings of his surroundings to the others as time passed, thus cinema became a tool for different purpose thereafter.

During the war times, the cinema could play the role of a tool of the campaign for the parties in conflict and is used for political propagandas of regimes.

When there is peace, the cinema could be a good entertainer, a good source of income, a good encoder of messages and a good conformity for possibility of any thing in the world. And again it depends on how it has been used which still depending on specific main factors which have direct influences on it; the thoughts and opinions of filmmaker from his surroundings, the targeted audiences and economy.

Cinema in its age of more than a century has had trends in different directions but predictions and foreseeing have always been main characteristics of it in all decades of its history.

There are filmmakers who make films of their dreams and imaginations and on the other hand there are filmmakers who in every step of filmmaking activities consider the target audiences choices and satisfaction, therefore they rely very much on economy and box- office. The economy which is a huge and necessary supporter of the cinema has a great influence on it in different ways which is obviously seen in the outcomes of the cinematic products.

There are, how ever, filmmakers in all decades of the age of cinema, who think independently and make what and how they think, they don’t care about what the others think about what they do and how the economy plays role in their work, they are only fond of cinema hating following the footpaths of the others thus they are all the time, seen to be moving opposite the mainstreams.

They are curious and tired of the normality and usuality thus they often think differently, and the others call them independent filmmakers, how ever their films are more specific audiences oriented.

It is not that they make films of what they dream or imagine about but in fact they make films of how differently they see the world thus they chose the cinema as their third eye.
Looking for one of those who think differently who believe they should influence their surroundings not the surroundings would influence them, but finally we found that;

We ourselves are one of them, thinking independently and making what we think.
This is how an independent cinema forms!

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