Monday, February 19, 2007

Does anyone hear our voices

Does anyone hear our voices?
Young Afghan Filmmakers need your supports!

Deedenow Cinema, a private production of young Afghan Filmmakers, established to shape and present an independent artistic cinema in Afghanistan.

Women, children, religious and ethnic minorities and victims of human rights violation in Afghanistan are the main themes and subjects of our filmmaking activities.

We focus on independence of cinema from any kind of pressure, influences, partisan and misusage to keep an independent artistic cinema in Afghanistan.

We are the youth, we know that we have a long way ahead, but fortunately or unfortunately we live in a stage of time, when there is need of doing something for.

We want to play a great role in the transitional period of our history when new and unaccustomed words are heard in our terminology but not understood, said but not applied.

We are not only living in the era of requirements and challenges of the new millennium but as an Afghan society with more complicated cultural – social ad tribal challenges of our own specific types.

The words democracy, human rights, justice, progress, prosperity are the terminologies which the Afghans are not familiar with but only have heard about.

In this way, there is need of many kinds of tools and mediums to brighten the minds the best of which is cinema; comprehensive and popular to bring great changes.

In the era of technology when the sky is easily touched, why can’t the hearts be caught?
Thus our motto is “Wanna catch the hearts!” based on which we want to connect our people with the world through our independent artistic cinema but with new way of looking at things therefore we have chosen the name, Deedenow which means New Vision in Dari language.

We believe that cinema is the third eye for human beings, thus things are seen differently through it, how ever our efforts are to show the others how things seem to us.

One part or one side of our activities are our people and our country but the other part which is a decoder of our messages to whom we have to communicate our message, our vision, and the way how we see things in the world, is the viewers and target audiences and is finally you.

Thus relying on the proverb, “the friend in need is the friend indeed” we have chosen you as a friend to open our heart before , saying that; do you hear our voices? Young Afghan filmmakers need your supports!

You have read our views and heard our voices, it now depends on you whether you do what you can do for us as a friend or not.

What we expect you to do for us is only:

Join us to see things through our lenses.

Visit our weblogs on daily basis to know about Afghan Cinema and filmmakers.

Send this address to your friends interested in Afghan Cinema.

Introduce us to the film festivals, film productions and film schools of your country.

Introduce our products in your hometown and homeland.

Give your comments on the articles and contents of our weblog.

Link us to your websites and weblogs.

Keep in touch with us on frequent basis.

Co-produce the screenplays we have ready to shoot if you can.

And if you can;

Kindly donate us new and or your second hand filmmaking equipments such as second hand digital photography and video cameras, tripods, lights, booms, camera lenses and filters, and any extra equipment that you have for the promotion of Afghan Independent Artistic Cinema.

Be ever green but don’t forget to visit us again!


  1. An excellent effort! Hoping to be an aspiring screenplay writer/independent filmmaker in Pakistan, I highly relate to all that you have said. The television industry in Pakistan has recently picked up, however, there is still a lot more work to be done in terms of the subject matter and more topics of social issues need to be discussed. Some film festivals have also started in Karachi. You could consider using that as a medium to show your work. This was my first visit on your blog page and i intend on making this a frequent visit. I am very impressed with these efforts. i wish you all the best in your future endeavours!


    here is the link to the kara film festival which happens in karachi somewhere around November I think. The submission of films information will be posted on the webiste after April. I think we can really use some diverse work. Its a great forum to have you work viewed. In the past couple of years, well-known celebrities from India also come to attend the festival. It could be something you can consider!


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