Sunday, April 22, 2007

Deedenow Cinema receives licences!

Deedenow Cinema is licensed by the Ministry of Information and Culture and AISA

Licences are recently issued to Deedenow Cinema by Ministry of Information and Culture and Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) after formal registration in these two organizations.
Licence from AISA

From now on we are announcing our practical activities in the arenas such as; production of films, coordination for international relations of young Afghan Filmmakers, researches in cinema and exchange of Afghan Cinematic experiences with other countries.

Licence form Ministry of Information and Culture

Deedenow which means A New Vision actually is established to have a new vision and new way of thinking on social, civic and cultural issues through lenses of cinema and is a platform for the promotion and expression of young Afghan cinema activists to the world.
The fields we are concentrating our focus in filmmaking activities are as below:

Human rights; women in Afghanistan, children effected by war, minorities
Post conflict situation and
The Hazaras of Afghanistan

When it is entitled to be the Center for International Coordination of Young Afghan Filmmakers, Deedenow cinema is honored to play the role of connecting bridge between the Afghan filmmakers and the filmmakers of the world through bloggers, websites, correspondence, cinema study tour opportunities and international film festivals.

Amin Wahidi Director Deedenow Cinema

Deedenow Cinema is led by Mohammad Amin Wahidi a twenty five years old Afghan Screenplay writer and TV producer who is assisted by his other friends namely, Reza Ahmadi, Hanif Elham, S. Jalal Masoumi, Masoud Zarifi, Ali Akbar Mohebi, Nasim Sahar Ganji and S. Zekeria Rezayee in Deedenow Cinema works.

Poster for “ I am hungry mom!”

This year we plan to produce at least two films; a short fiction and a medium length which are ready to shoot.
The short fiction which is our first actual production was planned to be completed by the end of March 07 but due to lack of needed facilities and resources it has been postponed to the beginning of May.

The second film which is titled “Keys for the Paradise” is a fourty five minutes long screenplay which is also written by Amin Wahidi. For the second project we have the screenplay ready but we are still looking for international producers to produce it or co-produce it with us.

The screenplay “Keys for the paradise” has a very rare story plot and is about the last twenty four hours of life of an Afghan suicide bomber who at the last minutes decides not to blast himself for an imagination he finds.

It is to say that in spite of all problems and obstacles in filmmaking in Afghanistan Amin Wahidi as the director of Deedenow Cinema makes every effort to produce “I am hungry mom!” this year to send it at least to Pusan International Film Festival 2007 and Venice International Film Festival 2007.

We also hope this year we can find producer for our second screenplay “Keys for the Paradise” which has a sensational and controversial plot story that has rarely been written before.

It is worth mentioning that Deedenow Cinema has had a much closed relationship with the Academy of Arts and Cinematic Education and it aims to keep this mutual co-operative relationship continuous in the future too.

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