Tuesday, March 13, 2007

They are the real ones!

They are the real ones you are interested to know about.

We tell you who to refer for the needs and consultancies of your film projects in Afghanistan:
What are you looking for;
A pool of Afghan filmmakers?
A pool of Afghan screenplay writers?
A pool of Afghan women actresses for your films?
A pool of Afghan men actors for your films?
A bunch of Afghanistan theme screenplays?
And or to know how to process your film projects in Afghanistan or to know about an Afghan filmmaking School?

For all above mentioned you visited the right site. Let us tell you more about an Afghan filmmaking School based in Kabul Afghanistan which responds to all your needs in your film projects in Afghanistan and that is the Academy of Arts and Cinematic Education.
Academy of Arts and Cinematic Education has been reestablished in 2003 by a group of Afghan filmmakers in Kabul Afghanistan.
In the year 2000 it was founded For the first time in Tehran and Isfahan Iran by the name of Rewayat-e- Hejr and after there were pressures and constraints on Afghans in this country, as a result this academy was also forced to give up its activities there so in consequent they returned to their homeland and restructured their organization according to the needs of the new era of Afghanistan and named it what you hear now The Academy of Arts and Cinematic Education.

Having different sub-departments and functional units The Academy of Arts and Cinematic Education aims to promote the cinema of Afghanistan with a deep study of the cultural- social needs of new Afghanistan.

Led by Ali Mohammadi as the President, this Academy has the following organizational structures and functional units:

Central Council members
Public Relations Unit
International Relations Unit
Library with more than 1500 books
A pool of plot writers and screenplay writers
A training center for incarnation and dramatic arts courses

In the present situation of Afghanistan when there is no focus of attention on cinema by the government, while there is need of taking serious steps on cultural reconstruction the most important one of which is cinema, The Academy of Arts and Cinematic Education is the only organization in the country level that conducts filmmaking courses, cinematic researches, film projection and critics events and produces films of fiction and documentary kinds independently.
Of course we have bigger institutions in the country such as Fine Arts Faculty of Kabul University, which is entitled to be the biggest center for the dramatic arts in Afghanistan, Afghan Films which is a governmental department licensed by the ministry of information and culture for filmmaking and cinematic activities, Filmmakers Union of Afghanistan and other institutions with big titles on them but perhaps none of them have been able yet to be useful and provide cultural artistic services as the Academy of Arts and Cinematic Education does.

The courses of different fields of filmmaking such as digital cinematography or film shooting, screenplay writing skills, films editing and acting held by the Academy of Arts and Cinematic Education have been very effective for the Afghan youth and the new generation who passed most of their lives in the war or in exile.
And now as a result the students graduated from the Academy of Arts and Cinematic Education, are independent filmmakers or have been employed by the private television channels in the country which brings boasts and prides for the founder and President Ali Mohammadi and his working team.

Ali Mohammadi the founder and the President of the Academy of Arts has started his artistic career with calligraphy and then continued with graphic and then completed with cinema in a university in Tehran Iran while living in immigration there.
Since he has known himself and recognized his role and responsibilities in the society he has committed to work for humanity and serve for his people thus he has gathered a group of other committed people of the same as himself to support him in the great mission of cultural reconstruction in Afghanistan.
And now we believe that Afghanistan is a country that is linked and related some how with the countries of international community as we get better the world gets better and as we suffer it again does affect the global village.
Then we are to announce that we are ready for cooperation and sound relationships with any one and any organization in any country of the world that has the same thoughts and views as we do. That’s why we think internationally with an open minded view about our homeland and the global village.
And finally if you have the same thoughts and views as we do then we are friends from now on.
Let’s shake hands of friendship and let’s help each other out in the obstacles and constraints that we have in our cinematic activities.
We again emphasize that contact us for any kind of helps and consultancy on your film projects in Afghanistan.
Yes you have visited the right site.
Keep in touch with us.

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