Saturday, August 18, 2007

Treasure in the ruins on screen!

FA special screening of “Treasure in the ruins” for the film critics in Kabul

“Treasure in the ruins” a short film lately made by Amin Wahidi was screened in a special and friendly session for film critics in Academy of Art and Cinematic Education on Thursday August 02 2007.

In this session famous Afghan filmmakers like; Razi Mohebi, Ali Mohammadi, Soheila Mohebi, Reza Intezar, Ali Haqjo, Ali Hazara Lal Mohammad Ali Zada, famous Afghan film critic; Ali Karimi, television producers like; Hanif Elham, Abdul Rahim Danish and other guests were present in this session some of whom talked on the film.

Most of the participants praised this film as one of the best Afghan films made after the Taliban with the subject of post conflict children and one of the best first films of young filmmakers.

This short film depicts the story of a seven years old curious little Afghan girl who looks for treasure in the ruins of Kabul.
Homa goes to school in the morning and weaves carpet in the evening together with his brother Homayoon.
Her sick mother tells her different legends and stories including one about a poor boy and the treasure in the ruins. Hearing the legend of the poor boy and treasures Homa looks for treasure in the ruin buildings of Kabul and what she finds are all the items of war and destruction. At the end Homa’s mother dies of Tuberculoses for weaving carpet for years and years and Homa burns and buries the items she has found from the ruins.

Aqeela Rezayee actress of Makhmalbaf Film House

Playing roles in some of Makhmalbaf Film House films Aqela Rezayee a leading Afghan actress has the role of Homa’s sick mother in this film. Asifa Abdul Hussaini, Metra Wahidi (director’s youngest sister) and Azizullah Jafari are the three child actors who have glittered very well in this film.

Azizullaha Jafari as Homayoon and Asifa as Homa

Meetra Wahidi ( director's sister) as Azada and Saima Jafari as Fatima
Representing Afghanistan this short film is to be screened in the EIUC Summer School on Cinema and Human Rights and the 64th Venice International Film Festival of Italy held in August- Sep 2007 among the filmmakers of the world.

It is to say that Amin Wahidi plans to direct and produce two films in the year 2008; a short fiction and a feature film. The short one is a fiction titled; “The great desire” and the second one is a feature film titled “Keys to the paradise” both of which will be produced in Afghanistan in the coming year.

A selected scene for "The Keys to Paradise"

In addition to these two films; Deedenow Cinema Filmmaking Production has planned to produce 25 short fiction films (with 7 – 15 minutes runtime) with different themes and subjects in 2008- 2009.

This would be a great opportunity for the young Afghan filmmakers who are going to shoot their first or second films.

The call for screenplay is already written and distributed.

Amin Wahidi is looking for international co-producers for these projects of the short Afghan films to be produced in 2008- 2009.

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