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The IRI Regime takes revenge from Afghanistan

The Islamic Republic of Iran still interferes in Afghan’s affairs
Experiencing different crisis in their country, although the Afghan people in general are already much brighter and more matured in understanding their socio- political situation better than ten to fifteen years back when they were victims of different crises brought in by disappearing factors from their neighboring countries, but still a series of serious destructive interferences have started by IRI in this country.
As a continuous interference of Iran- Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in the in Afghanistan affairs this country was burning in a fire ignited by the matches of these countries from late 1980s to end of 1990s.

As a result of interferences of these countries in Afghanistan’s affairs the biggest damages had occurred from different aspects during the civil war of 1990s; the relatively unity and social affinity that were slowly on rooting among the different ethnics of Afghanistan, was broken and the economical and social infrastructures of the country were destroyed, the national wealth were looted and a big chink was made among the people when the neighboring countries played the major roles in this country; practically the country turned into some self-ruling regions each led by the agents and hireling of either of these countries. They were as partners in the ownership of the parts they were supporting their hireling groups where they could have their influences whether by capital investments and money and weapon distribution among the people, by ethnic and tribal relations or by religious and sectarian affiliation of the people in the regions. And then finally Afghanistan was how they wanted; a country broken into pieces not only without a strong central government but without a government at all.

While Pakistan supported the groups in the eastern and southern provinces, Saudi Arabia eastern provinces, southern and north eastern provinces by making religious madrasas and centers and Iran supporting the groups in the central highlands, in the western provinces and then in the capital. At the end, there were many political and military groups each affiliated to one of these three countries.

While most of the Pashtoon groups were supported by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Iran Supported Tajik groups based on their language, culture and ethnicity affiliation with Iran at the same time supported the Hazara groups based on their sectarian and religious affiliation with this country.

After the Taliban took the power in 1995 Pakistan and Saudi Arabia found more opportunities to influence in this country but Iran had smaller role supporting the defeated groups of Tajiks and Hazaras until 2002 when the Taliban were collapsed and once again the northern allies groups consist of Persian speaking troops were able to breath, then Iran again got a major role to interfere in Afghanistan.

Sayed Mustafa Kazimi, who was killed in a blast last year

The cruel plan for creation of Sepaah e Mohammad (The Mohammad Force) the Shiite Al-Qaeeda
While Al-Qaeeda is a terrorist group of the extremist sunny Muslims that is supporting the Taliban, the Iranian Government was planning to make a structure called Sepah e Mohammad or The Mohammad Forces based on a mixture model of their Sepah and Basij (the IRI defending force and the people’s mobilized forces) to send to Afghanistan to ignite fire against the interest of the western countries when something happened against the interest of IRI in Afghanistan.

It was beginning of 2003 when a lot of returnees were repatriating from Iran to Afghanistan many efforts were made to attract the youth for this terrorist groups in Herat, Kabul and Mazar e Sharif. But fortunately most efforts were spoilt as the people tend to show interest in civilian lives than militarism again in this country. They were spending a lot of money to publicize this new born group but luckily the people who were the responsible persons for this Mission were not trusted ones among the people thus their efforts were not so useful otherwise by now we were witnessing creation and growth of a Shiite Al-Qaeeda group called Sepah e Mohammad in the cities of Afghanistan.

One of the top responsible person for leading this mission and organizing this group was Sayed Mustafa Kazimi the ex-minister of commerce and then Member of Parliament who was killed in a mysterious suicide attack in Baghlan province last year whereas the Taliban neither took the responsibility for that blast.

The next person was Shaikh Zaki another Mullah who was killed (poisoned mysteriously) just a few months before Mustafa Kazimi in Kabul and the medical report diagnosed the cause of his death appendix problem which was not true.

These two people were the direct links of the Iranian regime with the people they were influencing in Kabul and provinces but fortunately their plans were left behind without a success after they left this world.

When the Iranian regime was disappointed to give birth and expand Sepah e Mohammad as the Shiite Al-Qaeeda force, then they tend to support the Taliban by providing them financial and armament supports which were evidenced for several times and then finally the Taliban themselves announced lately that they are being provided with weapons by the Iranian Regime.

The end of Ramazan gathering in Kabul for Qods Day
The last Friday of Ramazan that was named as Qods Day in the early 1980s by Ayatullah Khomaini the Iranian religious leader of that time, is being celebrated annually in Iran to show solidarity with the Palestine’s Muslim people.

This year there was a gathering in Kabul at the end of the holy month of Ramazan that was for sure organized by the non- Hazara Shiite minority hireling of the IRI regime in Kabul.

Most of the participants in this gathering were the poor illiterate labor people being led by some religious leaders affiliated to IRI regime.
While the people were holding the photo of the holy Mosque of Aqsa of Jerusalem and the photo of Hassan Nasrullah Hezbollah leader, they carried placards written against the presence of Israel in Palestine and presence of America in Iraq and Afghanistan which was obvious that the IRI hirelings have organized this gathering in Kabul.

This gathering was ended by a twelve article manifesto in which they asked the parliament of Afghanistan to timeline the presence of the invader foreign troops in this country and warned the coalition forces to stop the blind bombings of the innocent civilians other wise god would curse them badly.

In this gathering not only the Shiite IRI agents were present but also religious leaders representing the extremist sunny groups such as Hezb e Islami were present there as well which means the current situation of the country, repeated mistakes of the NATO and Coalition forces in there air strikes that kill a lot of innocent civilians and security instability again has opened a way for the IRI regime to have chance of interference through their hireling people even in the capital of the country.

This time the IRI regime is more matured in their policies and has been able to bring together the extremists of both sectarian groups; the Shiite extremists and the Sunny extremists.

In their speeches these IRI agents have even defended the Iranian nuclear program and have condemned the western countries for boycotting and applying bans against Iran.

After Mustafa Kazimi and Shaikh Zaki were killed, people like, Sayed Ali Javed, ex- minister of transport, currently MP, Sayed Hadi Hadi and Ayatullah Asif Mohseni are the Shiites linked with the IRI Regime in Kabul.

Ayatullah Asif Mohseni,
In a short glance it seems purposeless and meaningless to talk about Palestine,Lebanon and Iraq from Afghanistan while there are several problems within this country to talk about and resolve them. But if we see it a bit deeper, we know where these people are being persuaded from; by the IRI Regime that is trying to challenge the western countries in Afghanistan to revenge them no matter if Afghanistan harms.

This shows that the western countries involved in Afghanistan should not take it for granted, because this is a real sign of danger for them as well as for Afghanistan from inside the country.

If there will not be any serious changes soon for a better security stability and anti corruption operations, countries like Iran and Pakistan are just ambushing for any sign of weaknesses by the international community to attack their basis and their interests in Afghanistan.

Some photos of Qods day celebrated by the IRI hirelings in Kabul

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