Saturday, October 11, 2008

NKA or The Narcotic Kingdom of Afghanistan

Graphic work by Jafar Rezaye

Some updates from the NKA (The Narcotic Kingdom of Afghanistan)
In the present Narcotic Kingdom of Afghanistan which is also called Islamic State of Afghanistan during the day and Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan during the night things are in progress and no matter if some people die of violence, hunger or unjust treatment of the system on daily basis.
When we talk in general, there all things are fine, every thing is all right when His Majesty Hamid Karzai and the honorable family members are fine and doing well.
The business of the honorable family is on without any problems, obstacles or challengers and the Partners’ Group* is also happy with the family of His Majesty.

The general situation
There may be two to five blasts in some cities like, the capital of the Narcotic Territory, on daily basis that may kill or hurt ten to twelve people, and some people are dying of hunger on daily basis, but in a wider aspect if we compare it with the situation of even the first world countries, it is not a matter to be concerned about; fifty to sixty people are being killed on daily basis in accidents and incidents even in first world counties like America, or the UK; therefore killing of people in the Narcotic Territory is assumed by His Majesty as a normal thing like a daily incident that happens anywhere in the world.

See the flags on the vehicles

In this proud territory, we have a unique system of titling the state; in most of the parts of territory the title of territory and the flag of the territory change during the night, and then during the day it is named again as the first title. For the poor, it is called a democratic elected government and for the religious it is titled, Islamic Government so that they would also be satisfied with the title of the land. It is one of the wonders in the contemporary global village.

His Majesty, the most fashionable king of his time
His Majesty, the most fashionable king of his time with a unique costume style among 220 leaders of the world is ruling on most part of the capital of the Opiumic Territory of the Kingdom, during the day, and during the night, when His Majesty is in rest, again no matter because the Partners’ Group take over and change the title of the state and the flag of the state until the next day and life passes this way. Nowadays his Majesty’s soldiers do not escape any more from the army, and his officers in the army do not betray any more as the recent news show. Because recently in order to handle the situation and synchronize, systemize and equalize the whole Territory, His Majesty has decided to reward the Armed Opium Growers or The Partners’ Group with incentives who deserve this reward to bring a worldwide fame for the Opiumic Territory as a result the entire system is now equal and there is no need to worry about the oppositions, or insurgency nothing left to betray about, the whole system is corrupted and no fear to accuse someone for corruption, and then it makes no sense to make distinguish in between right or left, the whole parts of the Glorious Opiumic Territory will thereafter be led by the party of Armed Opium Growers (The Partners’ Group) who have shown courage and scarification during the last two years not only to the level of blasting themselves by the explosives but also killing many others too at a time so as a result they have exterminated the poor and there would not be any poverty on proud Opiumic Territory anymore, which is one of the main plans of His Majesty.

Recently, understanding that his costume is colorful enough to represent his proud territory in the contemporary world, His Majesty has thought of changing the flag of the kingdom in his latest reforms.
His Majesty thought that black, red and green are not good colors and ordered to change the color of the flag of proud Opiumic Territory into white so this way, every one would be seen through one eye*.

Wishing an Opiumful life for the people, His Majesty also ordered the people to be always happy and proud and laugh or at least smile when the near or far friends ask them about their situation, because as explained by him, there is nothing on the proud Territory to be worried about, every thing is all right; for instance The honorable younger brother is in charge Opium affairs and the honorable older one is in charge of negotiations and dealing the lands of the territory with the religious relatives as well as with the department of incentives for the Armed Opium Growers (The Partners’ Group)so to make the whole parts of the Opiumic Territory the same and there won’t be any fear or difference because there will not be two sides or two blocks any more so the entire territory will be given to The Partners’ Group and then every thing is all right in the country. The prince (the nephew) is also has taken a small responsibility in the house of people and life is the most comfortable than any other time in the history of the Narcotic Kingdom of Afghanistan for both, the honorable family of His Majesty as well as for the people.

Graphic work by Jafar Rezaye
When some curious people asked His Majesty about some sounds and booms they were horrified by, His Majesty assured the people, that there is nothing to be worried about at all, it may be some explosives used by The Partner’s Group, for the economical plan and demolishing poverty in the proud Territory that is for the betterment of the people.
And if someone is hurt or vanished by this plan, still no problem and they can just assume it as a daily incident and a daily accident occurs even in a safe and developed country like America or Great Britain said by His Majesty.

Graphic work by Jafar Rezaye
At the end wishing a long life for the Opiumic Territory, His Majesty encouraged the people for hard working for a better harvest of the Opiumic Territory in this year to be able to keep the world record for the territory in the coming year as well.

Wishing for his long life the people threw poppy flowers on their king and moved towards their farms to scrape and pare their opium buds.

Some photos of the King of Narcotic Kingdom of Afghanistan


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