Saturday, June 20, 2015

MILESTONE: Amin Wahidi’s newest film project 2017- 2018

MILESTONE  is an independent observational feature documentary, produced by Deedenow Cinema Production ® Afghanistan in the year 2015-2016. This independent low-budget documentary follows the activities and artistic evolution process of the artist (singer/songwriter) Manuela Pellegatta during her career in the year 2015 by covering her activities in 360 degrees.

The activities Manuela Pellegatta conducts are; her live concerts in pubs, bars, discotheques, theater halls and restaurants as well as her live on-the-road performances on regular basis. 

In addition, some of Manuela Pellegatta’s radio interviews and live performances are recorded in this documentary as well.
This documentary not only simply depicts the activities and artistic performances of the artist, but it also pictures the efforts she makes step by step as a female artist to excel in her career and how these struggles are seen by the others in the society.   

Manuela Pellegatta’s courageous performances on the road in Milan has confirmed her as an admirable artist in Milan; her fan page on social network has got a vast Milanese public of listeners and admirers which shows that she is applauded at least by three thousand fans who had joined her on the social network after listening to her live performances on the road.

Though Manuela Pellegatta’s fast growing fan page shows her strong position on the social network, and her daily contact with different group of people, introduces her more and more, but in comparison to her unique voice and extraordinary talent she got, it is not enough, and she is worth beyond that.

Therefore the makers of the feature documentary MILESTONE, who have discovered Manuela Pellegatta’s unique talent, aim to introduce this singer/songwriter to a vaster public further than only Milan and beyond Italian borders.  

The documentary is an observational work concentrated on Manuela Pellegatta, without interference of a second or third person, except when the artist is involved in group works. It is shot in an experimental way and a free style filming without creating any interruption or disturbance for the artist or the group she works with. 

The director of this documentary is M. Amin Wahidi a Hazara refugee filmmaker from Afghanistan, who lives and work in Italy since late 2007.

For more information about the director and his previous works:

Manuela Pellegatta's Photo Gallery  

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