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The Persian Dinner (2015) A film by M. Amin Wahidi

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The Persian Dinner (2015)
A film by M. Amin Wahidi

The Persian Dinner is the debut feature film by the Hazara director from Afghanistan, M. Amin Wahidi who is a political refugee in Italy. It is an independent low-budget film.
This social drama feature film is located in Milan of Italy, the city in which the World Expo 2015 takes place with the hope of economical reinforcement and job opportunities for this city but the event has so far been blended with scandals of corruption and luck of punctuality on completion of the projects.

The story of The Persian Dinner which takes place in one of social centers of Milan, not only pictures the cultural clashes and differences between the native Italians and the newly becoming Italians, but it also points out the Expo 2015 and the scandals behind it; financial corruption on one side and a huge number of unemployment during this grand occasion on the other side.
The Persian Dinner is a film about social classes, integration, racism, friendship, Expo, corruption, love, hate and more than all, the clashes between the old and the new generation of Italian society, nowadays.

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