Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Community of the Afghan Artists in Italy is born

Along with spring this year, the community of the Afghan Artists in Italy has announced its presence.

It is the second group of the Afghans who make such an association while the first one is the Cultural and Social Association of the Afghans in Italy that is based in Rome.

This new born community of the Afghan Artists as announced in their plans and activities, will be active in making films, documentaries, video reportages, holding conferences and seminars about Afghanistan and representing the Afghan Arts and Culture primarily in Italy and then in Europe level.

Of their first initiatives, is conducting an Afghan Cultural Festival of Flying Kite and the concert of Dawood Sarkhosh in Venice which both take place in the Afghan New Year occasion 21- 22 March 2009.

This concert is supported by municipality of Venice and the Cultural and Social Association of the Afghans in Italy.

The next projects the Arts Community has are two film projects that are now in preproduction stage.

The members of the Artists Community are the, writers, filmmakers, producers, journalists and television programmers who fled Afghanistan for the serious risks they faced because of their cultural - artistic activities and exercise of freedom of speech in their war torn homeland.

We wish them success in their future activities of working for prosperity of Afghanistan.

We provide you with more updates on the activity of Afghan Artists Community in Italy in the upcoming posts. Hope to hear more about it soon

The Community of Afghan Artits in Italy

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