Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy New Year 1388 to all Afghans around the world!

Nowroz means a new day
Swallows are seen again in the sky these days flying happily while the earth changes its color, snows are melting, water is increasing and blooms blossom in the trees, you feel hot if you wear warm clothes and many more changes are seen everywhere even the mood of humans are changed as well; they are all the characteristics of the nature that always repeat in the same time of the year as the signs of the some changes, something new that is when someone is knocking all the doors and when you open your door to see who it is, there is a surprise; Wow! Spring is coming! And you say “Welcome!” to it happily.
Oh, forgot to say, and if you are in Mazar e Sharif in north Afghanistan, you find tulips every where in the deserts, that is another characteristic too.

You reap what you sowed!
You welcome spring while indeed it is the beginning after an end, and now you are given a period of time in fact another period of time to think, to plan and plant knowing that you reap what you sowed. If you plant poppy you will not reap wheat or if you move as slowly as a turtle you will not get to your destination as quickly as a rabbit, so it totally in your hand, it is you to decide what to do and how.

To touch the God’s place, leave a nice trace behind
Time come and pass, people come and go, but still the system of the universe is always the same, on track, controlled, on going and very accurate and precise as usual, as always, it is only us who discover a bit it of time to time as it goes on and boast on ourselves for what we have found out newly and call it the power of our science and technology. When we see the accuracy and grandeur of the universe, how small we are, how nothing we are in comparison with it we find out, but sometimes we can be big, we can be even great and grand when we change “I” into “We” in all what we do and then when we leave a nice trace behind, a good trace that is praised by all men of mind and sense, this way we touch the place of God who is the creator of the whole universe, so why shouldn’t we be big, great and grand then, when it is possible?!

Happy New Year to all Afghans around the world!

Viva Afghanistan!

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