Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good news!

Long waiting is over!
Venice a city on water and the home town of Marco Polo, is going to be cuddled by the melody of the Afghan music sounds to let every one feel the eastern world as near as inside their homes.

The city of Shakespeare’s plays is going to host Afghan artists to play and sing for them to let them feel the coming of spring and greenery and to make them touch the nature.

The surprise in this occasion is presence of Dawood Sarkhosh; the singer of hope, the singer of love, the singer of life and the singer of liberty who sings from the depth of his heart and enlivens millions of Afghans with his harmonious voice and unique lyrics.

While Sarkhosh sings, he knocks the doors of hearts, enters into the hearts, inspires every one and then let them think, let them dream and let them hope.

When he plays masterly pieces, with his Danboora* as a travel guide he takes every one to a journey of the central highlands of Afghanistan, to the land of the Giant Buddha Statue and let every one enjoy their presence in Hazarajaat with the sound of his music. That is what Dawood Sarkhosh is famous for.

All Afghans from different corners of Italy are getting together on 22 of March in this lively occasion to celebrate their New Year and to say that they want peace, security and justice in their country.

In addition to this concert, the sky of Venice is going to host many Afghan kites flown by the Afghans to share their happiness with the Italian society.

Through this occasion, the Afghans away from home, while hoping to fly these kites in the sky of their homeland one day, would thank the Italian society for hosting them in their difficult time, while the presence of the Italians in this occasion could mean that; as a part of the international community they are with the Afghans. Join us in this happiness if you can!

We provide you photo reportage of this occasion in the upcoming posts

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