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The triangle of enemies of Afghanistan

People need real and fundamental reform in this country otherwise this broken ship is going to sink!

Terrorism, corruption and drug productions are the three main issues of Afghanistan and are mostly related to the enemies of Afghanistan but these enemies are not clearly defined yet by the government that who exactly they are while many people know them but may not dare to name or index them because of the power these enemies still have.

These three main issues give birth to other subsequences such as security instability, insufficiency of the government, failure of international assistances, economical breakdown, beginning of poverty and hunger, and increase the number of crimes in the society, human rights violations and social injustice, inequality and lead the country towards a more complicated crisis.

This way all the funds and international assistances are wasted or misused the vice versa than the main purpose they were brought up in.
From this crisis only a few specific people benefit for political, destructive or terrorist purposes and they are the enemies of Afghanistan, while a mass number of people suffer behind for the crisis brought by these enemies. Some of these enemies are apparent and although some of them are hidden but there are many evidences for their enmity with the country and the nation.

To know how to get out of this crisis, it is very important to identify the group of people benefiting from such crisis against the interest of people and are the real enemies of the people in this country.

The first group: The apparent enemy

The Taliban, who are in direct fight against the Afghan government and often kill civilians too in their suicide or rocket shooting attacks, are the first apparent enemies of the Afghan government. They do cultivate, traffic and deal the drugs in order to run their Madrasas, support their forces logistically or hire people for their terrorist purposes.

Sometimes they buy the government officials in certain province with their drug traffic income to keep them silent and continue on their operations without a disturb or interference by the government, or pay bribe to the security sectors in order to influence them; as they did in the latest attack on day of parade of 27 April, like attack on Serena the five star Hotel of Kabul (date?) or to escape from jails and prisons as some famous commanders of them (Mullah Sorkh Naqibullah) escaped from Polecharkhi Jail in January 2008 by paying bribe to the senior police and security officials.

Most of the young people volunteering for suicide attacks are the poor people who refer to Madrasas in order to get paid some amount of money like religious fellowship on monthly basis in addition to be trained Islamic lessons but are instead provided with terrorist lessons and trainings, so the Taliban need funds and budget to run all these programs although they are paid by specific Saudi Arabian charity organizations and specific political and religious parties of Pakistan.

Although there are some other contributions too such as, religious charities of the mosques and Madrasas, alms of the people, contributions of the rich extremist people etc for the logistical supports of functioning their operations.

In this case, the need to fund makes the Taliban to continue drug cultivation, trafficking and dealing and this is possible when the government does not reach in their areas and they can do it by paying the senior officials some small percentage of their drug income to quiet them down. On the other hand, the police officials are also in need to live, to obtain their positions and for that purpose they need money and the only thing they are able to do is to make deals with the Taliban because the government does not pay them enough amount of money as salary.

Among this group of enemies there is need of mentioning the names of Karzai’s family members and his relatives and friends too;

Ahmad Wali Karzai, Hamid Karzai’s brother, Assadullah Khaled governor of Kandahar, Arif Noorzai the first deputy of the lower house of the parliament, Gul Agha Sherzai the former governor of Kandahar and current governor of Nangarhar and Assadullah Wafa the former governor of Helmand are the well known kings of heroin and drugs in Afghanistan who have been trying to influence and convince Karzai to approach the Taliban for negotiations. And while Karzai himself knows about them but why still keeps quiet, now body knows.
May be he also benefits a percentage of income through this business for the frauds and lobbying of the next elections through his lately established political party, the Republican copied from the USA?! Otherwise he would already stop the drug business in the country.

The second group: The wealth looters and blood suckers of the civil war of early 1990s

The second group of enemies of Afghanistan is the former Jihadis who are known as the Warlords and are still on power and occupying many positions including some key positions in the governmental offices in the capital and in the provinces, for instance both of vice president seats belong to two former Warlords.

Mainly known as the Northern Aliens in the recent Afghan political terminologies these people were first needed as a supportive militia force for Karzai in order to collapse down the Taliban Regime and win the anti terror battle against them lead by the USA in late 2001, but they are still sticking to the positions given to them by Karzai and are trying to expand their influences in different governmental departments, especially Ministry of Interior, Defense and Department of National Security (intelligence services). The worst thing about them is; they are mostly the ethnic, tribal or religious leaders and still have great influences in the rural areas where the majority of population is illiterate and the life is dealt with, on tribal, ethnic or religious basis. Therefore Karzai rely on them as potential supporters for him and can not talk with them louder.
Some of them are already brought to Kabul and are given symbolic positions while still they have their commanders and armed militias and rule on the people in the provinces where their original birthplaces are.

Although there were two disarmament programs (DDR and DAIAG) in order to disarm the militias of these groups, but none of these two programs have been useful but just waste of money and this process did not take place properly due to some political games as well as some financial corruptions.

One of the reason they could not disarm the Warlords fully, was the unfair and unjust treatment of Karzai with disarmament program. When at the same time Karzai agreed with the implementation of disarmament program in the country he armed the Kochies (the Nomads) for his own personal agenda and political purpose, and these nomads are the Pashtoons and the Warlords are the non-Pashtoons thus for this distinction they were afraid of a dangerous plot by Karzai and thus did not put down their weapons.

A great number of them are in the current parliament as and sometimes can challenge and weaken the government through these positions.

Sometimes they can lobby the bills for their favor, as a clear example, they have passed the National Conciliation Charter last year which exempted them from any legal charge or prosecutions for any human rights violations and war crimes they have committed during the civil war in which thousands of people were killed by them mainly in Kabul. This document is totally in contrast with human rights, justice and equality.

Although the people and many civil society organizations objected to this document but still the Warlords’ power and influences were strong enough to suffocate the voice of people.

How they are funded? The bigger fishes among (the commanders) them have become rich during the civil war of early 1990s when they had governmental ministries and took countless amounts of money out of banks during the chaos of the civil war, the customs or toll way money in the cities where they were ruling, they had also looted a lot of public wealth such as, national museums and have trafficked illegally historical traces out of the country, have received ransoms from the rich and business men and have occupied the land properties and houses of people by gun forces on that period.

Their leaders have had the bank accounts of their political and armed parties financed by the sponsors of the cold war mainly (the USA through Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) which they have then used to make private businesses in countries like UAE, IRAN, UZBEKISTAN, PAKISTAN, INDIA, HONGKONG CHINA.

Currently some of them are controlling some drug producing factories of their own in some provinces and some have influenced inside the ministry of interior and have appointed their former commanders as police commanders of provinces or districts, this way they can do their business of drug very easily with out a pain in neck.

The most famous ones of them are; Rasool Sayaf, Burhanudin Rabani, Gulbudeen Hekmatyar, Karim Khalili, Rashid Dostum, Asif Mohseni, Ismayel Khan and Qasim Fahim who had the main roles in the civilian killings in Kabul in 1992 – 1996 and are still too rich and influential and have their gunmen in certain areas to rule on the people.

In addition to establish their businesses out of Afghanistan, the latest business trick they have began to do is to invest on private television channels through which they can depict a new face of themselves, advertise and expand their influences as well as can have a remarkable income for their maintenance.

One main fact that show they are not loyal to the country and to the nation is, their financial and logistical dependency on different outside supporters on different periods of time for instance, dependent on the USA financial supports through Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and some parts on Iran during and some years after the cold war, and then dependent on Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and even Russia as their second or third bosses when they tend to lose their roles for the support of the west, but they have never been thinking of the people and their interest. This characteristic of them show how they are selfish, baseless among the people and hated by them.

Considering all these, there are still some clappers, who are paid and fed by them, live under their shelter and get their livelihood through the wealth and influences of these Warlords and these clappers who clap for their bosses and dance for their music are not other people than their paid gunmen.

The third group: The cleverest and hidden enemies, the modern thieves

These people are the ones who are never seemed to be dangerous as the warlords or the Taliban because of their appearances and therefore they are the hidden enemies of Afghanistan, but in reality they are as dangerous as the two other groups. And these people are the operators of the NGOs or responsible persons who run the NGOs in Afghanistan.

They are dangerous because they are businessmen in cloth of servants of the nation and no one asks them for accountability of how they are spending the money they receive form different countries, different supporters and donors and contributors for the Afghans, for poor women, for children and for the victims of war but do not work enough for it.

They have created NGOism in Afghanistan a new way, through which they can steal the money they get by the name of the Afghan people and unfortunately there are not control and oversight on their operations by the parliament or other branches of the government.

Form one side the government of Afghanistan has been weak to build its capacity for offering acceptable standard development plans to receive and spend funds for those plans, therefore the foreign countries have only relied on the private sectors that are the NGOs or Non Governmental Organizations most of which are corrupted.

Therefore from billions of assistances of the international community that have come to Afghanistan to rebuilt this country, has entered in the country through the NGO channels, and major part are embezzled, stolen and or saved in the banks by the NGOs managers.

While they are making houses for themselves, buying latest model cars, buying land properties for themselves by these foreign aid and assistance funds, many of the poor deserving people who these funds are sent for are deprived of pennies of such funds in any arenas of their lives.

One of the reasons that created a distance in between the people and the government was the lack of enough works done by the government and embezzlement of a lot of money by the governmental officials and the NGOs managers.

Now most of the people know their enemies but there are no ears to hear and listen to their voices.

It is the time for the International Community to listen to people of Afghanistan before this country once again moves towards another disaster which is not so far.

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