Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who should the Afghan people trust in their government?

Enemies within the clothes of the nation’s servants

There is a good saying in Dari (Persian); “when things get fetid, they are put in the salt but when salt is fetid, where would it be put?”

Lately it is heard that the current parliament, in addition to be a house of the Warlords, drug traffickers, the Taliban adherents and other black figures of the past, it is very baldy involved in the modern corruptions such as bribery, embezzlements and playing of some political- economical games that is against the interest of the people who they claim to represent.

Previously the corruption has been rooting and developing rapidly in the systems of two executive and judicial branches of the government of Afghanistan and it seems to destroy the whole system and waste all efforts and what so ever has been done during the past six years, although not enough good things had happened so far.

This is a dangerous enemy which is not apparent but enters into vein of the government machinery like water under chaff and eats it out from inside like cancer.

In the past few years, there were many complaints by people about existence of corruption in executive and judicial branches of the current government which to some extend had direct and indirect effects first on social security and then on the long term overall security of the country.

The clear examples are; in the executive, the police and army instead of applying the law to bring the peace, social justice and order in the country, they give hands to enemies and violate the law, by taking bribes, dealing with the drug traffickers and even selling some military bases to the Taliban to get money, therefore it seems so far away until a real security stabilization comes to the country unless these corruptions stop or controlled.

The examples of corruption in the judicial branch is the bribery for closing the cases of the terrorists and clearing path for their release, bribery from the Warlords to judge on their cases based for their favor and prosecution of the journalists and free media activists without clear and legal reasons but by the order of a specific group of people; president and his conservative working team. They also have their own shares of drugs and heroin when discovered or captured by the police before they are burnt symbolic and this is a mutual deal with the executive branch which weaken both branches at the same time, while there are many more examples.

Sayaf the most dangerous warlord in Afghanistan who has killed thousands of innocents

So, when people lost their hopes and trusts on these two branches of the government, they were hoping that the parliament which will represent them, would be the only branch to oversight, control and then help to stop these corruptions, but the result of the elections were something inverse than what most of the people were expecting.
The new established parliament was not a place to represent them fully since many negative figures of the past could enter in it by the help of money, tribal or ethnic influences, religious influences, and fraud and gun power.
In spite of presence of all negative figures of the past regimes in the current parliament, at least the people did not expect corruption in this new build institution which is entitled to be the house of people and an overseeing body of the government.

Is Chairman of the Immunity Commission of the Parliament involved in corruption?

Why the names of corrupted and murderer MPs are not exposed for media and public?

Saturday April 19
KabulPress.Org Dari

Gul Pacha Majeedi the Chairman of Commission for Immunity and Privileges of the MPs in Wolusi Jirga (the lower house) has said to media several times that he has received letters regarding corruption and crimes of some of MPs such as; embezzlement and murderers but they avoid going to Attorney General Office to respond for these accusations.

The question rises here is why Mr. Majeedi does not expose the names of those MPs who have hands in crimes such as; financial corruption, murders, lootings of the people’s properties?

If it continues the same way, people will soon suspect Mr. Majeedi if he himself has some cases and wants to use a propaganda game as a pressure lever, so he himself would be safe?!

The people want to know who these murderers, looters and killers are. They want to know the names of these people who are committing crimes and looting their properties and still occupying the seats of parliament to represent them there.

The silence of Gul Pacha Majeedi and even Attorney General himself, whose corruption reports were exposed lately by the media is neither good for them nor good for the people of Afghanistan.

It has to be answered now which one more important, the immunity of only a few MPs or the immunity of all the people in the society ?

According to the law, hiding a crime itself is another crime and in the present situation silence and not exposing the names of these looters and killers can help the looting and killing process continue in the country.

When previously the former minister of interior Ali Ahmad Jalai kept silent exposing the names of the governmental high officials who had hand in drug cultivation and trafficking caused the increase of drug cultivation and trafficking in the country.

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