Sunday, May 4, 2008

Will seven thousand more troops be useful?!

The US secretary of defense, Robert Gates has announced sending of 7,000 more troops to Afghanistan by next year, when the security is getting worse day by day in this country.

These seven thousand more troops will be mainly located in the southern provinces as the USA has announced to re-Americanize the mission in the southern provinces by getting the lead of NATO forces in the southern provinces since there was less of interest for this mission among the other NATO member countries.

It is good though to take serious the issue of security by moving serious steps forward for the normalization of the situation and stabilization of the government but there are some more options that would seem more concrete and more useful to normalize the situation.

In January 2008 USA announced that there will be three thousand more troops in Afghanistan in this year as the Taliban will increase their attacks when it gets warmer, and after that news the number of Taliban’s attacks has increased in different corners of the country.

Just a couple of weeks ago the Afghan Officials raised the point of Afghanizing the security and peace keeping mission of the country at least first in Kabul by locating the Afghan National Army within the city of Kabul and locating foreign troops out of the urban area, which they thought it might have a better impact on the people and will decrease the number of civilian causalities as a result of suicide attacks.

As a matter of fact, without measuring and evaluating the real capability and sufficiency of the Afghan National Police and National Army, this plan did not seem to be practical in reality instead it was understood a primary compromise of the Afghan government with the repeated demand of the Taliban regarding weakening of the role of foreign troops in the country.

The attack on the parade day on April 27th once again showed that; Karzai has to do more although it is late, the Afghan Army and Police should be really strengthened which is the responsibility of he international community, and the Taliban should not be underestimated, because they are like wounded snake and can sting any time they have chance.

Therefore, we think sending more US. Troops to Afghanistan may be useful but for short term and temporarily, like past six years but instead we emphasize on the fundamental stabilization of Afghanistan which relies on how strong and professional the national police and army of the country are and this is the responsibility of international supporters of Afghanistan other wise the situation will still be fragile and instable as past six years.

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