Sunday, May 4, 2008

Where does finally this man reach following this path?!

“Where there is smoke, there must be some fire.” When the foreign minister of Canada in his trip to Afghanistan expresses his concern about how Kandahar province is being governed by its current governor Assadullah Khaled, he must had realized the existing corruption in the administration of Kandahar Province whose governor is supported strongly by President Karzai and his brothers.

Canadian F.M Maxime Bernier with Dadfar Espanta Afghan F.M

The current Afghan Government under Karzai’s leadership in addition to be in direct battle with its apparent enemy the Taliban and in compromise with the former warlords by sharing the power with them, suffers from a more dangerous disease that is the administrative and financial corruptions existing not only in its official departments but also in the family of the president and some of his appointees like provincial governors and district administrators.

Assadullah Khaled, governor of Kandahar who has hand in drug trafficking

Corruption is like a very dangerous disease, enters into a system and makes its roots calmly without showing any sign in the beginning but then when its consequences are evidenced sometimes it is too late to stand against it.

Wali Karzai- President Karzai's brother who has hand in drug trafficking

After evidence of existing of financial and administrative corruption including drug trafficking and dealing in Karzai’s administration and his family business that not only waste the efforts of assisting countries but also make millions of the Afghans suffer from instability, poverty and injustice, it is now on the International Community member states to decide whether or not to show reaction to this existing corruption in the government of Afghanistan which is supported by them; if they show reaction and follow it seriously, it is meant that “when ever we attempt to stop loss, we began benefiting” otherwise knowing all these realities if the international community ignores it or would not try to stop it, they are also accomplice of Karzai administration in this big shameful failure.

Gul Agha Sherzai - currently governor of Nangarhar, former governor of Kandahar

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